“Scent of sweat,warmth of skin,sensation of swift breeze on face,sound of exotic pain…..nothing in mind except pleasure” ,I dream about this state every night.The cravings just don’t go away.Every night bring varied level restlessness.No matter what i do these thoughts occupy dominant portion of mind.Sometimes these cravings are intense,almost impairing the rationale.Other time they are in peaceful existence with other thoughts.But they are always there,constantly making there presence felt even sometimes in most unlikely situations.But I was not an addict of this feeling.As everyone else my entry in this world was as a symbol of innocence.I derived pleasure in performing rudimentary tasks which today for me do not even qualify as tasks.playing in mud,watching birds fly,eating chocolates,jumping in water was pleasure.Surely some tasks are even pleasing now but they have taken backseat.they are overpowered,they are under siege from single thought.
Mind absorb pleasure sometimes from sources which are very bizarre.Sources which are immoral,which are unnatural yet they are very dear,very amusing in restless moments.Diving in annals of imagination,we come with notions which we only keep near our chest.It is not that we hide them forever but only till we find a partner with whom we can multiply them.a partner who will listen those dark thoughts,a partner who will cherish the immorality and will not hate for garnering it,a partner who is not only a companion but is personification of immorality in restlessness,in cravings.A companion who will satisfy our thirsty senses,provide peace to inquisitive mind and who will come to rescue when we are under siege.